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Innovative ways to bring multi-functionality into bedrooms

The KariGhars 

Creativity and innovation are coming to our rescue when it comes to innovative storage solutions


September 1, 2021 (IANSlife) While vertical homes in the form of apartments and bungalows are increasing, the actual size of the rooms is decreasing. The age-old Indian phenomenon of having a storage room in houses is slowly becoming an alien concept. Small spaces and the commodification of real estate make it particularly hard for folks to store their goods. In order to combat this shrink in area, people are opting for multifunctional spaces which combine dual ideals of luxury and functionality. Creativity and innovation are coming to our rescue when it comes to innovative storage solutions.


Right off the bat, the room that needs the most thought and effort is the kid’s bedroom. All outlets need to be covered, and it has to be adequately insulated. However, the needs and demands of children are constantly evolving. So their spaces need to be versatile and dynamic in nature. Children also need plenty of areas to play and grow. However, a parent also needs to plan for the future, so incorporating a study is necessary. All these elements can add up, making for a claustrophobic area. However, Aashita Chadha, Co-Founder and CFO of a luxe interior design studio, The KariGhars has some smart solutions to tackle this problem. A consolidated sleep and study table configuration can save a lot of space, making it one of the best ideas in a child’s bedroom. The area saved up leaves ample room for customization. Storage in the form of tall cabinets and boxes for toys and other knick-knacks are ideal. A hidden wardrobe leaves substantial potential to decorate the room by adding quirky items like a teepee or a pillow fort. 


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In a world where real estate and spacing is a real problem, it might be an off-beat solution to convert a vast master bedroom into a pseudo studio room. With the help of partitions, the master bedroom has the potential to house a couch and a television. As this room is not for entertaining the guests, residents can unwind and relax while watching television or playing video games. Wooden perforated sliding doors can also offer privacy to an individual who can have the space to sleep or unwind by reading a book, says Aashita. A partition divides the room into two clear spaces, one for relaxation and one for entertainment. Another way to divide the room is to use the partition to introduce a makeshift home office equipped with a simple desk, chair, lamp, and laptop. While this office is not a replacement for a full-fledged home office, it makes things easier for residents looking to work from home but do not have the space to design a dedicated home office. 


While partitions are a genius way to demarcate separate spaces, some residents might feel that it makes their bedrooms feel too bulky and claustrophobic. A simple yet genius way to bifurcate space is by using color strategically. A niche space can be created for a particular function, such as for studying or working, by separating it from the rest of the room. An accent wall works perfectly here, remarks Aashita. She also adds that a bedroom can be turned into a makeshift library for residents who love to read. She confirms the fact that it is impossible to have a dedicated room just for a library, but it is easy to make a small library in one’s bedroom. The wall can also be used to hold shelves or cabinets that can double up as storage space for books. This adds a touch of minimalist sophistication while being easy to access as well. Lastly, Aashita says that corners are often underutilized. People dismiss corners as a waste of space, but corners can definitely be a boon for those living in cramped or small quarters. They are the perfect space for the placement of a small loveseat or table to get work done quickly. 


Effective design is all about the efficient use of space. Any designer can plan out a home that sprawls over multiple acres, but it takes true talent to convert a small house into a place that feels luxurious and spacious. 


The KariGhars is a luxe interior design studio based out of Bangalore since 2009


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