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5 loud noises that could damage your hearing

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Prolonged exposure to an overly loud noise or short exposure may damage the inner ear, leading to hearing loss

By IANSlife

April 28, 2024 (IANSlifeExtensive exposure to loud noise at your workplace, during your travel, or entertainment is very harmful to your hearing health. Prolonged exposure to an overly loud noise or short exposure may damage the inner ear, leading to hearing loss. Be aware of these everyday damaging loud noises and steer away from them.

Raja S, Audiologist, Founder & Managing Director of Hearzap shares with IANSlife five loud noises that can damage your hearing:

  • Unexpected Explosions: While uncommon for most people, unexpected explosions like a car backfire or a sonic boom can be incredibly loud (often exceeding 140 dB) and cause immediate hearing damage.
  • Festivals and concerts: Try to stay away from loudspeakers while attending a concert or festival. Carry your earplugs so that you can secure your ears completely. Keep your hearing at a safe distance.
  • Home improvement equipment: Do you want to tackle an upcoming home improvement project? Put in earplugs before the chainsaw or drill machine is plugged in. The sounds of the machine and chainsaws produce sounds greater than 90 dB. Safeguard yourself before it hurts you more.
  • Personal Audio on High: Many people crank up their headphones or earbuds to drown out background noise. However, the CDC warns that listening to music above 60% volume for extended periods can also damage hearing. Be mindful of the volume setting and consider using noise-cancelling headphones to reduce the need for such high volumes.
  • Hidden Culprits: Even some seemingly harmless places can have surprisingly loud noises. Arcades, movie theaters, and bowling alleys can all exceed safe listening levels. Be aware of your surroundings and take breaks from the noise whenever possible.

"Securing ears is more important, as it helps make our lives joyful. Any time, you encounter any sort of pain, get yourself tested immediately," concludes Raja S.




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